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About Bum-Ware

Bum-Ware Cloth Diapers is a journey that began in 2003 with the birth of my daughter. I loved the idea of cloth diapers even before Amber was born. My obsession with environmentalism + my passion for entrepreneurship = an opportunity to start a business that is a perfect fit for my personality and skill.


Bum-Ware Quality

Do you love quality? I do. I love top of the line products because they last. When you purchase a quality product, you are getting your money's worth. I purchase only top quality materials to ensure you are getting an excellent product. My mission is to provide diapers that are easy to use, functional, and the highest of quality. My products are manufactured in a clean environment by highly skilled professionals using industrial equipment.

I have over ten years worth of highly satisfied customers. Parents love bum-ware diapers! If you haven't tried one yet, what is holding you back? Find out what other parents have been raving about for years.


About me

I grew up in Canada, and moved to the United States after marrying a young, handsome Marine. We reside in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, and are huge hockey fans. We love to visit Philadelphia and my hometown in our spare time.



Inspired by my grandmother's foot powered Singer, I have been passionate about sewing from a very early age. My earliest memories are of hand-stitching outfits for my dolls. There has never been a time in my life when I didn't sew, or love to sew, or have multiple sewing projects going. I have made anything and everything from placemats to window treatments to Halloween costumes to special occasion gowns to beautiful diapers and more!


Education and Training

I graduated from Lakeport Secondary School in St. Catharines, Ontario. Then, I obtained an Associate's degree from Niagara College in Canada. And lastly, I have a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania. I am certified to teach grades K-6 and Family and Consumer Sciences K-12.

I also train, LOVE, and have a black belt in Taekwondo.

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