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Bum-Ware Cloth Diapers

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Carissa E. Friday January 3, 2014
While I was pregnant I searched for a very trim yet very absorbent diaper because though I love cloth diapers, I seriously dislike the giant fluffy butt look. I came across the bum-ware extreme and after reading some reviews decided to buy some. I put my baby boy in a medium when he was about 11Lbs and though it looked too big it was still trimmer and fit better them my one size diapers. I LOVE my bum-ware diapers! Every other diaper brand I own (even my fuzzi bunz etc) has leaked or at least wicked onto his clothes but my bum-ware diapers haven't! They are also so trim! I always use them under those really cute clothes that won't fit over those bulky one sizers. I plan on buying more as soon as possible!
Amy H. Monday June 3, 2013
I cannot tell you how much I liked these diapers. The Velcro is genius, and so strong. My son, the Houdini of getting out of his Velcro diaper, is thwarted by this one. And he's cute as a button in it. It's also very trim. I love this diaper so much, I wish I had known about it sooner. If you are new to cloth diapering, or send cloth diapers to daycare/sitter, etc. look no further than this. Thank you!!!
Rebecca M. Saturday November 24, 2012
I looked up reviews for cloth diapers on diaperpin.com. The first place was RagaBabe diapers by a long shot and Bumware Extreme placed second. So I ordered an all-in-one from each vender. I even called and spoke to the owner from Bumware before I ordered them. I was unable to get a hold of anyone from RagaBabe. When I recieved both diapers I immediately liked the RagaBabe diaper better because the bumware seemed to cover my baby's entire back. After time went on, though, the winner between the two was clear. I will NEVER spend my money on anything other than a bumware diaper. Hands down the bumware xtreme has held up better and more efficiently. My babies have outgrown the RagaBabe but not the bumware. The Ragababe never fit right on either of my babies, and the bumwarefits my babies one 1.5 years and one 2 months perfectly on both of them. I have had blow outs with the Ragababe but never with the bumware. The bumware is so much more trim and slim and comfortable feeling and looking than the RagaBabe.I wish I had enough money to supply my entire diaper needs with bumware diapers.
Brie Kastelein Thursday May 17, 2012
Trim, absorbent & beautiful bright colours. Nothing bad to say about these diapers! Hubby loves the easiness of them, and I love that they hold up for long naps and over night! Fabulous diaper to own! I recommend these to any other mom's with heavy wetters, or who are wanting to try cloth for the first time, the design is so much like a disposable theres no reason not to love them! You also have the option of brown inner to hide stains or white inner as well, they are so trim - that even the family critics say he doesn't have the huge "ghetto" booty anymore! Their worth every penny, and cannot wait to TTC to build up my stash even more!
aurélie Wednesday September 15, 2010
J'ai découvert ces couches lavables BWX, et je les adore ! toutes fines, faciles à secher, pas de fuite, bref géniales ! j'ai envie de tester celles avec des snaps qui, parait-il sont supers.
Viviane Saturday July 31, 2010
Always a pleasure to buy from you. Your diapers are so well made and reliable. I love the snaps closures and they fit perfectly. Awesome customer service and very quick delivery.
Thanks a lot, from a proud Canadian customer :-
Kristen Saturday July 31, 2010
I'm new to cloth diapering and I'm so happy I didn't have to try out a lot of diapers before I found the BWX AIO. The diapers dry easily in one cycle in the dryer and I love the hidden soaker! Even my husband was quick to like these diapers and they fit nicely around my son's small build. I just ordered more and I can't wait for them to arrive!
Rachael Friday January 22, 2010
We have used bum-ware pockets on our daughter since she was 8 weeks old could fit in a medium...she has been in the large since 6 months and is now 25 months. They fit beautifully and wash so well...they look so new i know i can use them on another kid. I know the pockets aren't made anymore but the AIOs fit the same. Great quality diaper. I also love the brown microsuede...that keeps away the stains. Our mediums were white on the inside and look more used.
Cassie Thursday June 4, 2009
I have been using these diapers for 2 years they are great! I wash them about every 4 days and they have still held up to all the wear and wash. If you are looking for a great product please try these you won't be disappointed.
Daryl Tuesday March 17, 2009
I Love these diapers. I have tried soooo many between my two kids and these really are my favorite. They don't hold as much pee as chinese prefolds but it doesn't matter because the trim fit is worth any extra changes. With my first baby, I was never able to make him look cute in clothes which might sound shallow but it's true. With this baby, I've tried those AIO's that have the flappy thing hanging out inside and they are HUGE and I've tried those pocket diapers which I don't totally get. Thank you for making these! They are a treat.
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