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Supply Your Own Fabric TOP

You are welcome to ship printed PUL fabric to me to have diapers made with a print of your choice. I deduct $1.00 off per diaper. Diapers made with customer supplied fabric are not subject to my guarantee policies. In the very unlikely, but possible event that I damage your fabric and render it unusable, I will reimburse you for the cost of the fabric upon receiving a copy of your receipt.

Printed PUL must be 100% polyester knit. A one directional print will result in the print being upside down on either the front or the back of the diaper, please keep that in mind when shopping for fabric. You can have the fabric shipped directly to me, my address is in the "contact us" section.

The following are measurements required for diaper cuts:
Small 17x17 for both hook and loop style closures

Medium 18x20 for hook and loop closures; 19x19 for snap closures

Large  20x20 for hook and loop closures; 21x21 for snap closures

Adjustable -  20x20 for hook and loop closures; 21x21 for snap closures

MAX - 24"x20"

Turnaround time is approximately 1 week. Please include a note in the package indicating your choice of size, closure, and diaper type (BWX, Original, etc), and your email address.


All those options are confusing, do I need all the extras? TOP
Not at all! The basic diaper will work just fine. Fleece is used to keep little bums dry, and hemp is used when you need a lot of extra absorbency, like night time, nap time and outings for example. Please remember that diapers should be changed as soon as possible.

Can I wash all the diapers together or will they bleed? TOP
The PUL fabrics are color fast and will not run or bleed. You can wash all the diapers together.

How many diapers will I need? TOP
That depends on how many days you want to go without washing. Newborns go through around a dozen diaper changes per day. Older babies require changing less frequently. I usually recommend a handful of AIOs in size small, because they are in them the shortest amount of time. You may want to consider prefolds and covers for the first few weeks because they are the most economical choice. Generally, babies will wear size medium and/or large for the longest period of time.

Will the AIOs work for night time? TOP
They should hold up overnight with a hemp doubler or two, but you will need to have a good fit. The pocket diapers work well for night time because you can customize absorbency by adding as much additional absorbent material as you may need.

What size should I get? TOP
If you are unsure of which size to get, compare your baby's measurements to the diaper measurements.  Some babies will fall in between two sizes.  Since babies come in all shapes, the most accurate way of determining the best fit is to try the diaper(s) on your baby.

Do the diapers leak? How absorbent are they? TOP

When cared for and washed properly, the diapers will work fine.  Leaking can occur for a number of reasons.  New diapers need to be washed a minimum of 3 times with hot water before they become fully absorbent.  Detergent build-up, detergents with fabric softeners, and dryer sheets will cause diapers to not absorb fluids.

If your diapers stop absorbing, you need to wash them several times (4-6) with hot water, and no detergent.  Washing methods that are NOT recommended, and will cause problems include: scrubbing diapers with a toothbrush, washing in the dishwasher, boiling, microwaving, as well as other questionable methods.

It is recommended that diapers be changed as soon as possible.  Change frequently, your baby will thank you!

After years of use, my elastic went out. What can I do? TOP

Elastic is one of the first things to go on a diaper and the easiest to replace. Replacing shot elastic will bring a diaper back to life. If you choose to have it replaced locally, remove stitching on the hook and loop style diapers on the back, and snap closure style diapers on the front. Here's an instructional video if you'd like to replace the elastic yourself https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=tmfhLgCX4F0

(This was my very first video, hence the quality. Also, I didn't proof read, please ignore spelling errors!)

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