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Five myths about cloth diapering

5 myths about cloth diapering

1.  You have to change more often.  All diapers should be changed as soon as possible, whether youíre using cloth diapers or disposables.  People mistakenly believe that disposables only need to be changed when full or soiled.  Change wet and soiled diapers right away.

2.  Washing cloth diapers is a lot of work and time consuming.  I surveyed 110 women on how they feel about diaper laundry.  Out of 110 women surveyed, 54 said they donít mind the extra laundry, 48 said they love doing diaper laundry, and only 4 said they hate the laundry part of the deal.  Youíre looking at approximately 3-4 extra loads per week.  And you are never really truly out of diapers, so you donít have to make unnecessary trips to the store to buy disposables.

3.  Cloth diapering is about pins and rubber pants.  Not any more!  These days diapers come with hook and loop closures (Velcro) or snaps.  There are many beautiful covers to choose from, BUT, you donít even need a cover if you go with an All in One (AIO) cloth diapering system.  The diaper and cover are in one piece Ė they are truly as easy to use as disposables!

4.  Cloth diapers are messy.   Letís face it, diapering is messy.  Even with disposables, when disposing of a soiled diaper, you are supposed to empty contents into the toilet before throwing the diaper out.

5.  Cloth diapering is more expensive.  No, really, itís not.  It may seem like a big investment, but it will save you money in the long run.  Even the most expensive of cloth diapers, will still be cheaper over time than disposables, and they can be used on subsequent children.

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